Dating immature guy

Well, we have the answer for you. An immature guy will show either all or some of below mentioned signs through his behavior, and he might be totally unaware about it. So, watch out for these tell-tale signs and find the answer by yourself. He introduces you to his friends as per his convenience: Maybe because he wants to hide his relationship status, is not sure about you, is keeping his options open or worries about what other people might think.

Either ways, there is no future with such a man. A real man will proudly introduce you as the love of his life. He is simply happy in his own little world, day dreaming. He believes in living in the moment, which is fine when you are a teenager, but not once you enter the category of adults. He is least interested in your troubles and ignores you when you try to share your problems with him. Your feelings and emotions hardly matter to him. He values his pride more than the relationship. He is very nice and caring when he wants something from you like money, some work done or any other thing.

He is one selfish person in every sense. It is always about him and his needs; you come second always. Be it in the kitchen, running house errands, picking you up from office or any other thing, he will try to avoid you in every possible way when you need his help in something. He hates being responsible for anything. He would simply wait for you to start the conversation or make the first move.

He will not reply to your messages or answer phone calls, unless of course you take the blame for everything and are deeply sorry for the whole conflict. And, even after that, he will be least bothered to solve the problem. Whenever he brags about his past relationships with pride, you might just hear about relationships which did not last for too long. In fact, he will start behaving weirdly, just out of the blue, so that you leave him. See all results matching 'mub'.

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15 Signs of Immature Men

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1. You’re His Girlfriend Only when He Wants You to Be

We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Nov 24, , Nothing can be more frustrating than being in a relationship with a man who isn't as mature as you are. Immaturity is a clear sign of emotional instability. Here's how you can suss out if your man fits that bill Shies from commitment He may just not want to commit himself to anything in particular. Getting him to spend quality time with you is like getting a tooth pulled out.

Never accepts mistakes Instead, he resorts to pointing fingers at everybody. He's not the sort to readily accept the blame.

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And if in case you manage to hold him responsible for something, he will still find a way to brush off the blame. No steady job This man may never have a steady job. Instead you may always find him cribbing about work. Apart from this, you may feel that he lacks ambition and only talks big about himself.

The Telltale Signs You’re Dating An Immature Boy And Not A Real Man | Thought Catalog

Never had a meaningful relationship When talking to you about past relationships, he may never mention a long-term one. Instead, he may just talk about one-night stands or a one that just lasted for a month. Is way too vulnerable You may often find your man breaking down at the drop of a hat.

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  5. He almost leaves every decision upto me, which is quite frustrating at times. You may feel agitated when you find him only thinking about himself and not about anyone else. Further, he may not even take a minute to be rude to someone. Has no real life plans Your man may not have an idea about what he wants to do for a living. What do you do if you are already married to such a guy It is said that women mature faster than men. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that a man usually looks at responsibility as an enemy, something that would get in his way of living and be a hindrance to having fun.