Is it bad to hook up with your friends brother

Is It The Worst Idea To Date My Best Friend’s Brother?

I was planning on telling her the whole time because I feel guilty about it but her brother is exteremly good at getting what he wants, he's almost irresistable. I got drunk once and me and a few friends went car surfing.

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Needless to say, I fell off and was sore for weeks. If an attractive, older male is showing interest in you and you're both drunk, stuff like this is bound to happen. Try to explain to your friend what happened. If she won't listen, try writing her a note and explaining it and giving her some space to cool off.

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It's normal for her to be mad, but if she's a true friend, she will eventually get over it and continue to be friends with you. I hope everything works out for the best for you! Ive done it, and regretted it to this day. Im more embarrassed than anything. My brother is dating my sisters friend. If your friends mature she wont hate you forever Well it's not like it's your bestfriends boyfriend..

Is It The Worst Idea To Date My Best Friend's Brother? | A Practical Wedding

BUT under a blanket infront of people??? That's probably why your bestfriend doesn't want to talk to you anymore.. I don't think its right to say you were being a whore. People do crazy things when they're drunk and sometimes don't even remember it! My advice to you is to talk to your friend and tell her you were of course wrong for doing it.

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  8. Hooking up with your friend's sister Aug 1, Messages: Aug 5, 1. HighRoll3r , Aug 5, Dec 10, Messages: Aug 5, 2. Aug 5, 3. BornToLose1 , Aug 5, Aug 5, 4. To hell with my friend. Dec 25, Messages: Aug 5, 5. Aug 5, 6. I'd do it, but none of my friends have hot sisters.

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    Aug 5, 7. Aug 5, 8.

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    I've hooked up with my best friend's cousin, who he sees as a sister It didnt work out but my friend was cool with it. Brother-of-Mine , Aug 5, Aug 5, 9. Nov 10, Messages: Aug 5, Only with said friends permission.

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    Dec 4, Messages: Aug 11, Messages: Jamvaan , Aug 5, Sep 2, Messages: I'm kinda shocked at the "I'd do it" votes.