She likes me but is dating someone else

Then on Monday she asked me to go to her football game. After the game I became even more suspicious and jealous of the guy so I ask one of my friends and they end up texting the girl. My friend said that she said that she does like me but she is dating the guy because he had asked at the party and she thought why not give him a chance.

What should I do? So I like this girl who is one of my close friends but is also a senior and I found out that she likes me after she had asked me to escort her for the Homecoming royalty assembly at my school. I forgot to mention that she is one of my close friends and I was wondering if I should risk our friendship at all? Please answer these separately. So, me and this girl like each other but one of her friends said she liked me. I have a similar situation.

Ive been talking to this girl for about 8 months now. Shes had a boyfriend this whole time. When we first started hanging out it was every now and then. That was when they was living together. Weve been sleeping together. She still texts him and says she loves him but said she loves me a few times before and how im perfect and how she wants to be with me but she feels stuck.

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What should i do? I wish you guys luck. At least not for over a year now. My boyfriend and I have a 2 year old, so my situation is that.

She Found Another Guy

I want to be happy without hurting anyone. Ask yourself Before you make a concrete decision are you still in love him Not do you still have love for him, are you still IN love with him. This new guy may just be a fling, so make sure you really care for him if you do decide on leaving your boyfriend. Now with all that being said, life is full of hard decisions. Indecisiveness is going to fuck you over in the long run.

Pls there is this girl i love..

I ask her and she told me she wanted to move on with the guy but it seems the guy has a girlfriend.. We use to go out. Later when i started proposing to her she told me not to. I ask why she told me she is dating the guy who she taught was having a girlfriend.. She told me that in her room i felt hurt and decided to live.. Dont know what to do.. She was virgin that was taken by me. I think that only made my feeling for her stronger. But she wants to be with me as she claims because I do more as what ever the hell I am than her bf has done the entire 2 years..

Before I tell you how you should handle this, I was pretty much in this same situation. I am in love with girl but she have boyfriend but she also loves me,she always say me she will leave her boyfriend also but she also dont want to stay with me ,we have relation like boyfriend and girlfriend,we go outside meet once a week,she dont lie me when she go to meet him she dont hide this to me…but she hide things with him when she is with me,she is in relation with him for last 6 years and with me it just 8 months.

Great post for us guys to cry on…I have been in a similar situation for the past three weeks or so.

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She told me she has a boyfriend her first boyfriend and then i decided to continue pursuing her… she calls me and i call her we text and i can see her whenever i want. Now i am at a point where i hv developed feelings for her and i just wana b with her.

She would cook for our lunch and the boyfriend stays around aswell. An d she still is hesitating or having second guests about leaving her boyfriend. And she constantly calls and messages you telling you she loves you and wants to be with you. Hi i am in big problem , i need advice i have gf we are comited relationship past 9 months , but sudnly my gf said i love u like alwes she says to me , and i wana be with u , i want u with me , but she said she has a desir of wana fun like kisses or may be more physical liitle bit with others , but she dont wana lose me at all ,.

Hi i am a 24yr old male i am dating with a girl who is 22yr old who has a boyfriend she refuse to leave him but she says she loves me and i like her alot…we have dated for six months now i need advese. She said she was in a relationship, but would like to be friends. Hey im going through a situation too.

I have one question which i wish you can respond very soon thus it is happening to me now: There is this girl I like which liked me at some point but now … Well about a week ago got a boyfriend. I took to long to tell her how i felt about her and i dont think she ll end up with him soon… What should i Do? Whoever posted this thank you. This describes what I went through just yesterday. I hooked up with a girl that had a boyfriend and kid. She was dying for me after I gave it to her lol.

She came out to say that the more we talked the more she wanted to be with me because her boyfriend tracks her every single move controlling relationship. I was not even mad because I knew that when we would hook up she would want more and be more sad then the first time we met. Be a confident alpha male and has many choices and cut her loose.

Keep the option open that if she ever wants to get with you to give you a call. Otherwise, go out and start hanging out with other girls that are interested. Personally for me I could care less if they have boyfriends I find that they would rather sleep with me a person who has no attachment to the outcome and not looking for a steady girlfriend. I met this girl through a mutual friend, I asked her for her number and we started chatting online.

After not a long time I asked her out, we went out for drinks and the date went well, so awkward silences or anything like that. We hit it off reaaally well, my conversations with her are great, it felt so natural no mention of a bf. We said goodbye, and we have kept on talking online, in a really friendly way, as if nothing had happened.

I generally get touchy with people anyway, especially at parties so I assumed nothing at first. Then a few days ago we were dancing together all night, again touching and flirting like teenagers even with her boyfriend just feet away. Thing is this all seems to be progressing too far past the part of just being touchy friends.

This story is same as mine.

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I think she likes me, but she is seeing someone else :(, any advice?

Apart from this, I managed to tell her what does she want from me when you already have a boyfriend. She started crying on hearing this. To console her I said her I love you. This made her happy. Man what do I do?? I have feelings for her at the same time I want to leave her.

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  7. I hear this a lot. I am in the same situation. Be straight up with your crush. She has a boyfriend. BUT — you win either way. Have self respect — but always be charming to her if she reaches out to you. Good luck and happy hunting. Down to the story. Same as this but she flips it and says she is in a open relationship now so we can kiss n have sex!

    And now she tells me its a open relationship. Great article, it made me think a lot about the situation I am in and it helped me understand things which i never thought so thank you very much. Great article, it made me think a lot about the situation I am in and it helped me understand things which i never gave any thoughts, so thank you very much.

    My crush has a boyfriend and has a crush on another girl. She really likes this girl and this girl really likes her back and she gives me mixed signals all the time; What do I do? Till morning time and talk we just feel need to meet everyday.. Any advice what I have to do as next step Btw after so long period in this place I find Girl who is worth to be taken for me.

    I got this girl who loves me and she talks with her boyfriend at late nights she speaks with me and her boyfriend at the same time. I know, actions speak louder than words and all that. Meet in high school after hey first got together. She always said she wanted to be with me but she never could comitt all the way. We almost got together but it never worked out. We were at dinner with a large group, and almost the whole time she was laying on my should with our arms linked.

    We even split our meal. Sorry, I just keep remembering stuff… the other day we were sitting on the stairs and she was sitting on the stair in front of me and leaning on my legs, and then another girl tried leaning on my legs and she got really passive aggressive. Basically, I think both girls like me, but I only like the one, however that one has a boyfriend. Pay attention when she talks about her boyfriend. If she has never brought him up or only says negative things about him, her feelings for him could be fading.

    If she goes on and on to you about how perfect he is, she probably does not like you. It can be complicated though because it is possible to have feelings for more than one person. Notice when she talks to you. If she goes out of her way to talk to you and give you attention, she might like you. Is she speeding up to catch up with you and talk to you or does she only talk to you if you happen to be near each other? If she seems to be going out of her way to talk to you and show you attention, she might like you. Look at your messages. Pay attention to your online conversations, not just the conversations you have in person.

    If she never sends you texts or snapchats, she might not like you. Although she might not be doing this because she has a boyfriend. If she always sends you texts or snapchats about her day-to-day activities or asks you about yourself, she might be interested. If she only texts you once a month to ask about school or work, maybe not. Figure out your intentions. If you decide to ask her how she feels about you, figure out what you want first. Do you just want to sleep with her one time and never speak again or are you in love with her?

    If you genuinely like her, then it might be worth asking her how she feels about you. First flirt with her you to show her you are interested. Be yourself and joke around with her. Give her compliments and ask her about herself. Smile when you see her and make eye contact. Try to break the touch barrier with her by finding an excuse to brush against her or touch her arm. Be sincere and not fake. Bring up that you are interested. If you feel like you have established a connection with her and feel confident that she might like you back, ask her how she feels.

    This can be stressful and nerve-racking but worth it to finally have a clear answer. Be confident but also be understanding that this is a delicate situation and you might be putting her in an awkward spot. Even if she has been flirting with you, it does not mean she must not love her boyfriend. Back off if you need to. If she says she is not interested, then she is not interested. Leave her alone and let her be happy with her boyfriend. Continuing to pursue her is rude and disrespectful. Give her however much space she wants or that you need to get over her.

    If you are both comfortable with it, continue to be her friend. I like a girl who likes me back, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do? If you know that she has feelings for you back, but she is still with her boyfriend, then talk to her. You need to explain to her how you feel about her, but how you won't be with someone who is in a relationship with someone else.

    She likes me, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do? - Gutsy Geek

    Then it is up to her to decide if she wants to be with you or stay with her boyfriend. Not Helpful 9 Helpful The girl I like has a boyfriend, but she never mentions him. It seems like she likes me, but how do I tell for sure? If you think it is possible that she likes you back, even though she has a boyfriend, you can ask her about it. Bring up to her that you are interested, but tell her you respect her and that she has a boyfriend.

    If she says she does not like you back, then give her space. Not Helpful 16 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Be friendly and sincere to her when you flirt. Article Summary X To tell if a girl likes you even though she already has a boyfriend, pay attention to how she talks about her current boyfriend.

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